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7-Outlet Advanced Powerstrip+ (Tier II)


Quick Overview

TrickleStar 188LV-US-7XX


The Advanced Powerstrip+ product (APS+) with IR and Movement Sensor provides premium quality surge protection and reduces the amount of standby power and active on power used by electronics. The product supports standard master / slave functionality and a countdown timer if no IR activity or movement is detected. The Multi-Sensor overcomes a number of limitations of IR sensing only powerstrips. E.g. users playing with hardwired or RF gaming console controllers or users that use their IR remote controls very infrequently when watching TV. Simple, easy to install and provides simple automation to reduce wasteful standby and active power waste. Suitable for TV / Home theatre setups.

•   7 Outlets 
•   2 Always On Outlets (1 outlet transformer spaced) 
•   5 Switched Outlets (1 outlet transformer spaced, 1 outlet with current sensing) 
•   15A resettable circuit breaker 
•   72,000 Amps / 1080 Joules 
•   Ceramic Surge Protection 
•   1 Low voltage optically isolated RJ11 input 
•   LED Status Indication (Ground, Surge Status, Switched)
•   <40dB noise filtering
•   Angled space saver plug 

IR and Movement Sensor 
•   Detects IR remote control signals and movement. 
•   Includes a countdown timer that will switch off a TV and peripherals if no IR 
    activity or movement is detected
•   Suitable for TV / Home Theatre applications 
•   Includes a piezo buzzer to warn of a pending shutdown 3 minutes before 

Fireproof Surge Protection 

Traditional surge suppression products use standard MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor components). TrickleStar APS+ incorporates advanced surge protection technology. The MOV's are encased in a ceramic casing and are capable of suppressing more energy and dissipating heat faster than traditional MOV's. More importantly the ceramic casing is fireproof and is capable of preventing fire during abnormal surge conditions. 

Product Warranty
Lifetime product warranty 
$20,000 connected equipment warranty 

Additional Information

Manufacturer TrickleStar